We focus on providing sustainable energy solutions that improve the standard of life of the users of our products whilst at the same time educating them on the social and economic advantages that are gained through the use of renewable energy technologies.

Heating Solutions

Solar Water Heaters will save you great sums of money on your monthly electrical bills. We offer Evacuated Tube Solar Water Heating Solutions and Flat Base Solar Water Heating Solutions. All our solar water heaters come with full warranties and guarantees.

Off-grid systems

Our Full Solar Off-Grid solutions give you complete control over your power generation and consumption. All our solar solutions are custom designed to meet the needs of the individual user, corporate energy needs or for institutional purposes.

Back Up Solutions

Our mains backup solutions give you the option of using our quality inverters in hybrid with ZESA mains power. Your maintenance free batteries linked to our reliable inverter solutions are charged when ZESA mains power is available

We guarantee to always “give you energy- naturally”

We are committed to designing, installing and maintaining clean and reliable renewable energy power solutions that work for the individual consumer, corporate, Non-Governmental Organizations, Governmental Institutions, school, hospitals and clinics.

Where Solar Meets Innovation

Light Bulbs & Lamps

We have solar light bulbs and lamps


Our batteries can work with an invetor connected to solar panels

Solar Panels

We have highly innovative and genuine solar panels









Our Recent Works

SNV Tsonzo, Nyanga 2015

In 2015 the Solar Shack was contracted by SNV to install solar water pumping solutions for beneficiaries in Tsonzo, Nyanga. The installed pump was pumping from a head of 60meters into a 10000l tank that was erected on a tank stand.


In 2013 the Solar Shack was contracted by EGPAF to install solar off grid solutions for 15 remote clinics spread around Zimbabwe. The solar systems were installed in these clinics to run CD4 machines for HIV patients in these districts.

Goldchip Investments

In 2013 the Solar Shack was contracted by Goldchip Investments to come up with offgrid solar solutions for the Goldchip Mine located in Kadoma Zimbabwe. The solutions installed were for basic off grid lighting for their staff houses along with area lighting at the mine.