• Energy audit
  • Site assessment
  • Design
  • Installation

Energy audit

We assess the energy need demands, efficiency of a building or buildings using various tools and technical expertise within our portfolio and with our technical partners for a more detailed and comprehensive report. The report is very much necessary to ascertain your current energy consumption and power requirements, in turn we will advise on best practices and a suitable energy efficient solution that caters for your needs.

Site assessment

The physical layout of where the solution is to be housed and used is of paramount importance as this has a large impact on the performance of the solution. With a correct physical assessment being undertaken on the ideal location, this will give us a scope of all works from where the PV panels will be installed for optimum utilization and those inverters, batteries and other sensitive units are housed properly to prevent damage and malfunctioning and ensuring optimal performance as well as longevity.



With a dedicated team of financial experts and electrical engineers in house and from our technical partners, coupled with reputable international products, brands, software that have managed to withstand the taste of time and improving performance to meet the ever changing demands can only guaranty you one word, “LIFE.” A brand new lease of life of uninterrupted power supply, products that improve your financial position and above all carry valid warranties is what we offer you. We assure you financial savings over a long term, with a solution that has been designed correctly to meet your demands now and beyond its life span.


We take pride in our solutions as they best utilize the best possible workmanship, equipment, design and service warranty from us and our technical partners. Hence we endeavor to make sure that every system is correctly sized and installed to specifications thus maintaining a healthy warranty on all our products.

  • Commissioning
  • Monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Leasing


From the concept, energy audit, site assessment, design, installation to commissioning are all checkpoints that we take pride in ensuring that all boxes are ticked off and everything is done in the utmost correct procedure and surpassing the set market standard of professionalism. The purpose of us commissioning the system is to ensure that the system is performing to the agreed set requirements set out in the contract and also to validate the system design. This rest assures you that the solution has been designed and installed professionally by a qualified and reputable organization and validating your warranties as surety in the event of a system.


Information is essential and we are proud to say that you can now monitor the performance of your installed solution real time. You can compare your usage to a predefined base line to ensure that your system is working optimally and providing you with expected returns.



No need to go, “pasi pemuti” to those undesignated repair centers. We are able to maintain and repair any of our products either in house or with the support of our regional technical partners or the original manufacturer. We boast of nothing but original spare parts for our products and we assure our clients a fast turnaround on repairs.


With the ability to invest in new assets with a reduced financial cost and being able to replace the solution with a new upgraded system at a chosen period of the assets life cycle are some of the advantages that help you breathe and bring flexibility to any organization. Say goodbye to cash upfront payments and say hello to convenience that brings Life into the organization as we will consult, procure, install and maintain the desired solution for you. This will allow you to focus your capital towards investing in other assets rather than technology that depreciates rapidly at the same time spreading technology cost over its life span.



Lead batteries

Lithium batteries

Off grid inverters

On grid inverters

Hybrid inverters

Pumping solutions

Water heating solutions

System monitoring


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